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Throughout the year we run numerous Trial events and a bi-annual showcase. 

Trial Events

Our trial events are an opportunity for you as players and your parents/guardians to come along and find out more information about scholarships and the student athlete route. They are one day events which usually last 3-4 hours. There will be a presentation for parents, along with the opportunity for players to showcase their talents with technical work and 11v11 game play. All our trial events are recorded on Veo. At the end of each event there is an opportunity for players and their families to ask any questions they have.

Trial events are free to attend.

Check out our recent trial event in York, UK: 

Every summer (usually early July) we run a showcase event for our signed players and invited guests which is streamed live to coaches in America. With a professional company doing the streaming (including match commentary, multiple camera angles and replays), this is another platform we offer for our players to be seen by coaches in America. We have a number of coaches that come over to watch the event live in person.

Winter Showcase

Every winter (usually early December before the NCAA D1 Dead Period ) we have our main event of the year where we invite coaches from America over to watch our players play in person. Due to the strong reputation that we have amongst coaches in America, it is always a great event, with 40+ coaches from a variety of colleges, in attendance.

The period of time wherein coaches are forbidden from recruiting in person

Image by Joshua Hoehne
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